Friday, 6 May 2011

Two new designs!

In preparation for this months fascinator workshop, I've been busy this week experimenting with new flower designs and creating two new little fascinators with the results.

The first design I've tried out is a black peony, made using black taffeta. The technique requires the fabric to be burnt around the edges, something that require a lot of care and attention! I'm kind of accident prone, so there have been a few cries of ouch and aaahh as I've burned my finger tips this week! But I'm very please with the end result. I've also been blocking my own sinamay bases too so these have been attached to a black circular base made from three layers of fused sinamay.

Then I played about with a little piece of orange acetate satin that I had spare from making flowers for the fascinator I wore for the Pin-up For Heroes calendar launch party last year, and created a pair of orchids using the same technique of burning the edges. These have been attached to a base of orange checked sinamay made again from three layers of sinamay fused together.

I'm quite please with the results of my experimentation this week, and I'll be putting these two little fascinators up on the website and Etsy shop later today, RRP £25.00 each.

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