Friday, 27 May 2011

Its... Fascinator Friday

This is a new feature on my Blog that I'm going to be running every Friday. Its... Fascinator Friday! I'll be featuring one of my own creations every week as well as having a look at some fantastic pieces made by other talented Milliners!

So first up is my own piece... an Up-cycled Vintage Tie Fascinator in Teal Blue. I'd been asked by a couple of people in the past if I could do anything with vintage ties and I had thought about just recycling the fabric into something completely different but I really didn't want to loose the tie shape in the process. So I bought myself a couple of vintage ties from the Granny Would Be Proud fair in Glasgow and set to playing about with them. After some twisting and turning and pinning and tacking I had this organic folded form that I know would just look perfect on a headband!

I've done several different ones now and they are all available to purchase on my Etsy store.

Next up is this gorgeous Peacock Fascinator from Ella Gajewska. 

I love peacock feathers and found this while looking for some inspiration for a piece I've been asked to create for a friends wedding next year. Its so beautifully put together. I think it wouldn't look out of place on an Hollywood starlet of the 1940's or modern day!

Finally... I discovered this talented lady's creations the other day and I am in awe of her work! All her creations are so amazing but I particularly like her Pleated Chrysanthemum Kimono Silk Cocktail Hat.

The vintage kimono fabric is amazingly beautiful and the pleating on this hat is sublime. I LOVE this one! Aka Tombo Millinery is one of my favourite shops I've found on Etsy to date so I urge you to go and have a look!

That's all for this weeks Fascinator Friday... please come back next week to see what else I've been working on and what other creations I've discovered!

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  1. Hi! It's Fascinator Friday for me too today, as I can't wait to see and take home the 2 fascinators you have made for me and wee Amélie! They look absolutely stunning on the photo. Love your blog, btw. See you later! Arielle xxx