Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Off With Her Head Facebook Page reaches 1,000 fans!

I was pleasantly surprised the other morning when I checked in with my business Facebook page and found we had hit over 1,000 fans. Its fantastic that so many people have checked out what I do and left such nice comments on the page. So I thought that to celebrate I'd run a little give-away, and I've decided to run the give-away through my personal blog page, as I'm keen to promote my blog to those who keep up with what I do on Facebook too! So this offer is open to anyone who reads my Facebook Page, or Blog!

Its really simple... click to follow my Blog and check in here on my Blog by leaving a comment on this post, tell me what you like about my hats/fascinators, tell me which is your favourite, tell me what you'd like to see me make in the future, tell me what inspires you, anything really... even just a comment to say 'Hello'. Then in a weeks time I'll randomly select one person who will receive a FREE fascinator from our collection, as a thank you for getting me to that magic 1,000!

You can check out our my website here: Off With Her Head Website
Or visit my Facebook page here: Off With Her Head on Facebook!


  1. I adore all your creations, and I'm determined one day to own one!

  2. I have a thing for top hats and fascinators :)
    I really love your tilt hat from your web page. And I am so impressed with your work. I read a few articles on hat making, and even had a go on some small hats for my self for new years. They are far from perfect, but I do feel proud for making them my self. But knowing how long it took me to make my hat, I really appreciate the skill and time it must take to make the hats you do :)

  3. I thought I would enter :)

    As you know Lis, I have many of your facinators and love every one. I have even had the Honor of modelling for you in the past! So would love another to go into my collection as I love showing them off!! Nothing better than a new hat to show off and say my best friend made it :D

  4. Congratulations on reaching 1,000!! I'm having a giveaway at if you'd like to enter :)

  5. I love your hats and fascinators, and own quite a few now. The last 2 additions to the collection are just awesome! Thank you so much. I love having such a talented friend! xx

  6. I loved seeing you at Ooh La La Edinburgh and especially loved your adorable little girl with her modeling on stage!
    My fave fascinator is one of the plain circle black ones with the two flowers on it - I love the simple, classic design - it's timeless!

  7. i love all your stuff its so original and different i love the one off cameos you did with the skulls and dragon i love anything different i mean who wants to be a sheep blending in with the flock :) keep up the good work xxx

  8. oh and im sally from sock creations by sally :)