Wednesday, 25 May 2011


So Kaylee is now 10 months old! Where has the time gone... it really seems like only yesterday that I was being told she was breech and I was going to have to go in for a C-Section. We've started to plan for her 1st Birthday Party and have decided on a Gruffalo theme as its her favourite story!!

Now at 10 months Kaylee is clearly on the move, she's mastered crawling (which she can now do at some speed), can pull herself up to stand and is beginning to 'cruise' from one piece of furniture to the next! With a more mobile little one we've had to seriously look at baby proofing the house... and its not as simple as cupboard catches and socket covers!! She's into everything! I used to have a pile of magazines under the little table but these were a big attraction, and great fun to pull down and throw over the floor. So I've had to invest in some magazine files to be put up on high shelves out of little fingers reach! Speaking of high shelves... it has become essential to move precious ornaments to a higher shelf too. We had invested in doors for the bottom half of our 'Billy' bookcases and these have now had cupboard catches fitted. Our under the sink cupboard in the kitchen has also had catches fitted although the door is kept closed most of the time to stop Kaylee from crawling into the Kitchen! Cables from computers and TV's have had to be organised and tidied too. 

One thing other Mums told me about and I am now very adept at is doing a 'daily sweep', checking the environment for small choking hazards such as pennies or small computer screws (anyone who lives with a computer geek will understand what I mean when I say these turn up all over the place). 

I'm sure there are some things we have missed in our attempt to create a safe environment for Kalyee to play in. This is all a learning curve for us! But... we wouldn't change it for the world!

For more information on Baby proofing your home check out this article from Baby & Pregnancy.

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