Thursday, 5 November 2009

Super Secret Craft Project - Part 1. Claire & Pauls Wedding Gift

Sometimes I have to work on craft projects in secret for peoples birthdays, weddings, babys etc... Recently I've been learning to crochet again (my Mum had taught me when I was little, but I'd not done any crochet work in so long that I really needed to refresh my skills) and I've got a few books on Amiguri (Japanese Crochet'd Creatures/Animals), in one of them was a pattern for a Skeleton Bride & Groom which were highly appropriate for Claire & Paul. I actually found them very easy to make and was very happy with the result. I made an oval base using some Pink Skull Lace Fabric that I picked up in America, hand embroidered a little banner which I had sewn onto the base and there you have it.

Meet Mr & Mrs Skeleton-Smith!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Common Cold

After my weekend away I've come back with a head cold. You know the kind, started off as a sore throat then moved into my sinuses giving me a runny nose. There is as yet no cure for the common cold, and the advise that you get from NHS 24 or your GP is, get plenty of rest, increase fluid intake and ease symptoms using steam inhalation (but with caution); sucking menthol sweets; gargling with salt water etc...

Often the old-fashioned remedies work best in this kind of situation...
  • Sweat It Out - I used to get myself all wrapped up in my blanket with my hot water bottle and while certainly it seems to be comforting to do this new evidence suggests that light exercise in the fresh air can ease the symptoms of the cold.
  • Vitamin C - increased levels of Vitamin C have shown to reduce the duration of the cold in adults... my drink of choice is hot Ribena!
  • Steam Inhalation - I use a teaspoonful of Vicks Vapour Rub desilved in boiling water, it helps loosen mucus, allowing clearance of the airwaves that can relieve coughs and nasal congestion.
  • Chicken Soup - recent evidence has shown that this cure all really does work... the key is apparently heat, so any soup will work (my favourite is Heinz Tomato). It works to promotes airway secretions and has a calming action on inflamed throats. But chicken soup's combination of fats, spices, and water seems to work best when it comes to breaking up mucus.
One very effective remedy I've found is the following...

1 clove of garlic
1 equal sized piece of fresh ginger
Pinch of cayenne pepper
½ tsp. cinnamon
Juice of 1 freshly squeezed lemon
1 tsp. honey

Crush garlic and ginger and add with the rest of the ingredients to one cup of off-the-boil water. Drink 2- 3 cups a day till symptoms are gone.

Hopefully I will start to feel well again soon!

Of Whitby & Weddings...

This past weekend Alan and I headed south to the small seaside town of Whitby. Now I'm a Whitby Veteran, but Alan is a Whitby Virgin so I introduced him to his very first Whitby Gothic Weekend. He Oooooed and Ahhhhhed at the lovely costumes and was very taken by the Steampunk look. We decided not to tackle the 199 steps up to the Abbey this time round instead saving that for the next visit to Whitby in April 2010 -YES, we will be back!! I'm going to try to get the stall again for next year, but we'll also be having a bit of a holiday too!!

On the Friday however, we had a slight detour and headed further south to Reading for a very special wedding - my friend Claire (who used to run Gothstuff, now runs Design by Claire/Eternal Magpie) and her fiance Paul were tying the knot and we were delighted to be able to share their happy day with them!! Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Smith!!

by Regina Hill

Love, trust, and forgiveness are the foundations of marriage. In marriage, many days will bring happiness, while other days may be sad. But together, two hearts can overcome everything...In marriage, all of the moments won't be exciting or romantic, and sometimes worries and anxiety will be overwhelming. But together, two hearts that accept will find comfort together. Recollections of past joys, pains, and shared feelings will be the glue that holds everything together during even the worst and most insecure moments. Reaching out to each other as a friend, and becoming the confidant and companion that the other one needs, is the true magic and beauty of any two people together. It's inspiring in each other a dream or a feeling, and having faith in each other and not giving up... even when all the odds say to quit. It's allowing each other to be vulnerable, to be himself or herself, even when the opinions or thoughts aren't in total agreement or exactly what you'd like them to be. It's getting involved and showing interest in each other, really listening and being available, the way any best friend should be. Exactly three things need to be remembered in a marriage if it is to be a mutual bond of sharing, caring, and loving throughout life: love, trust, and forgiveness.