Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Tax Discs & Tea

Yesterday was a bit stressful, had to go to the DVLA office in Dundee to deal with the issue of still not having recieved my new tax disc. I've had a temporary one for 2 months now, and as it approached the end of the month I called them up to find out when my new one would arrive (the temporary one was only valid til the end of April). I was told it would be out in the post within a couple of days... a couple of days later I recieved someone elses Tax Disc, V5 document, Insurance Cover Note and MOT Certificate... so I called, they appologised and said my dic was going to be sent out later that day. By yesterday morning it still hadn't arrived, so yesterday afternoon I drove to Dundee and sat in the waiting room for half an hour, and then explained the situation to the women behind the counter. She was appologetic, and said that my tax disc had gone out in the post that morning. Well I wanst happy, told her this was unacceptable as I'd been promised this disc for over two weeks now, and wasn't going home until I got my disc. A few minutes later I had my new disc in hand!!

Went home and made myself a nice pot of Stress Tea - this is a great tea for when stress seems overwhelming!!

Ingredients: water for enough cups as you want to make, 1 tsp English Breakfast Tea, 1 tsp Chamomile, 1 tsp Elder Flower, 2 tsp Hops, 2 tsp Rose Hips, 1 tsp Valerian Root

Gently bring the tea, herbs and water to boil and simmer gently for about 5 minutes. Before you pour the tea, stir 3 times and say; "Chase away all duress, Chase away negativity, Chase away the negativity, Open up the positive." Now find a quiet place to sit and enjoy your cup of tea!

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  1. I'm going to have to try this tea...things are a bit nuts here at the moment. My sympathies with the taxes - may the rest of it go smoothly.