Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Rain, Rain go away...

Its been raining here all afternoon now, very heavy rain... not the kind you want to go out in, and its windy too which makes it even worse!

So I thought I'd blog a bit about specific weather phases and their magical correspondences.

Lightening Storms - periods of intense energy so any spells cas during this time will be empowered by the weather and may prove to be more effective, protection rituals are ideal at these times.

Rain - excellent for purification rites, spells for love, compassion and friendship, beauty rituals and for washing away jealousy and guilt.

Heavy Winds - windy weather is a perfect time to empower rites designed to break addictions, for spells to aid in studying and for travel magick.

"Gods of power, Gods of might,
I bid you now, stop this plight,
Stop the rain, we need no more,
Let it fall, nevermore." - Keven Sevuktekin

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