Friday, 22 May 2009

Picking up the Keys!!!

Today's the day we pick up the keys to our new home!! Everything is packed (almost) and we're both very excited about it all, been awake since 7am!!

I looked up moving traditions the other day and these are the ones we're going to be following.

The first things that should be taken into a new house are, salt (for prosperity), a loaf of bread (so that you will never know hunger) and a bottle of red wine (for the sacred life force). This ensures that your future is bright and that you will be well provided for.

Another tradition involved taking the glowing embers of the fire from the old home to start the first fire in the new home. But with central heating nowadays this is mostly impossible. Instead burn half a tea-light candle in the old home and then relight it and allow it to burn down completely in the new home.

I will also be putting my 7 copper coins under the front doormat for prosperity!!

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