Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A round up...

OK, so its been toooooooooooo long since I blogged!! I'm going to have to rectify that!! 

Here's my pledge... from this week onwards I plan to blog at least once a week!! Please someone kick me up the backside if I don't!

First of all its seems only fitting that I round up what's been going on here over the past 6 months!!

Lets start with the BIG news!! We're expecting Baby Number 2!! Yep thats right... our family is growing and our new arrival will be with us at the start of November!! I'm currently at 24 weeks... and enjoying this part of the pregnancy!

The other BIG news is that Kaylee turned 3 this month... I cannot believe that she's almost ready to go off to nursery school after the summer!!

On the business front I've been really busy this Spring with a fantastic fashion show in Glasgow in which I showcased an 8 piece collection entitled 'Turning Japanese'. And I attended a wonderful business roadshow courtesy of The Girls Mean Business where I learned lots about marketing the business correctly!!

Its been a great first half of the year and looking like the second half on the year will be something really special too!!

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