Saturday, 3 August 2013

Dealing with Pregnancy in Summer

This week I've been dealt a harsh reminder that I am in fact now 26 weeks pregnant and need to take things a little easier!! On Thursday I was travelling to work (driving!!) when I felt extremely dizzy and nauseous. As I started to see blotches on front of my eyes I pulled over to the side of the road, switched on my hazard light and switched off the engine. Having never experienced anything like this with my first pregnancy I had no idea what was going on so I called my husband and got him to come and rescue me (just didn't feel safe enough to drive myself back home) and then called my midwife. It turns out that my blood pressure has been creeping lower, a common complaint in the later stages of pregnancy as your body undergoes many changes which can affect your fluid balance levels. This combined with the recent high temperatures had left me feeling generally unwell. So I though I'd share the advice I've been given for all the other women who have found themselves pregnant in this summer!!

1. DRINK PLENTY FLUIDS - seems like common sense but in this heat and in later stages of pregnancy its important to make sure your fluid levels are topped up regular. I've been advised to drink a 2l bottle of water over the course of a day as well as my usual cups of tea/fresh orange juice etc.

2. INCREASE YOUR SALT INTAKE - now this does not mean covering everything in salt... just increasing it a little. As someone who never adds salt when I'm cooking or after I know I need to start using a little more, thankfully I'm a fan of Salt & Vinegar crisps so I'm sure a packet of them will help me out!!

3. KEEP COOL - avoid over dressing in the hot weather and use a cool air fan (I picked one up from the Argos Value Range at £8.99, or why not try your local Freecycle or Freegle Groups!)

4. GET UP SLOWLY - take it easy when getting up from a sitting position (or if like me dealing with a toddler you're playing on the floor or sitting by the potty!!), get up slowly!!

5. EXERCISE - gentle, regular exercise helps to maintain good blood pressure! I know that in the later stages of pregnancy that its may feel like you're the size of a small house and its not conducive to most forms of exercise but gentle forms of exercise are great for ensuring a health pregnancy. Go out for a walk or go enjoy a swim!

6. FIND TIME TO TAKE IT EASY -  this is the hardest one for me as I'm used to being on the go, and a three year old full of energy doesn't really understand that Mummy needs to rest!! But its really important to find some time each day to relax and unwind. For me... its reading!! I set aside time every day to pick up the latest book I'm reading (currently: A Feast For Crows by George R R Martin on my Kindle).

Please Note: This is a summary of the advice given to me by my midwife. However if you are pregnant and feel unwell in this summer heat then its it best to contact your Midwife or GP for full advice. If in doubt head to your local maternity assessment unit for a full check up.

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