Thursday, 21 April 2011

Teething Troubles

Its been a difficult week here at the Jones house! Kaylee is teething! She now has 4 teeth, her front top and bottom two! Kaylee, a normally happy and contented little girl, has been grumpy and irritable, chewing everything she can get her hands on, off her food and had been a little constipated... all signs I now know of teething. Last night I had to call in some reinforcements in the shape of Gran and we eventually got her settled and to bed at 10pm, after 3 hours of crying about going to bed for the night!

I really did feel like a useless parent last night and even had a good cry about it. These are the bits that the parenting books rarely tell you about! After what was actually quite a good nights sleep, I can look back and say its OK... being a parent can be overwhelming and it IS OK to cry, it's normal and it will reality no one is perfect! I'm very lucky that I have a great support network of friends and family, that I can call on for help and advice!

The other problem I'm encountering is Kaylee starting to assert her independence at mealtimes! She prefers her meals in finger food... things she can feed herself. And while I think its great that she is starting to feed herself, I do worry (which is completely natural as a mother) that she's not getting enough food! So far we know she LOVES bread... toast, homemade pizza breadsticks, naan bread, she will sit and chew on bread with no problems. She also really enjoys omelette (which I shall share my recipe for cheese and spring onion omelette later!) and any type of veg you put in front of her! She LOVES yoghurt too... which is about the only thing that she'll let me spoon feed her! So I'm off to research some more finger food ideas for her later!

I have managed to spoon food her baby pasta, but on one condition... she has to have a spoon of her own to 'help'!!

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  1. Don't worry too much about how much she eats. Babies don't starve themselves, they eat what they need, and sometimes that is very little, at other times it's a lot more than we expect. Also bear in mind that when we as adults feel under par, we can lose our appetite for a while, it's just the same with babies really. As long as she is not losing weight, and that she seems happy (considering the teething discomfort), there is nothing to worry about. Being a mum is tough, and the 1st year is probably the toughest! Hugs xxx