Thursday, 14 April 2011

Product of the Day!

I'm hoping to make this a daily feature of the blog and share some of the brilliant things I've come across in my everyday life as a mother and crafter!

So today I'm sharing the 'Totseat - The Washable, Squashable High Chair', designed to be easily carried and used anywhere.

We picked one of these up during a long weekend in Glasgow, as I'd become a bit disillusioned by the lack of suitable and safe high chairs available for Kaylee in some of the café's and restaurants we visited. You know the situation, high chairs with broken clips, or no safetly straps, or in some cases no high chairs at all. So we invested in one of these handy gadgets and all I can say is WOW.... perhaps the best £20 I've spent . It fits almost any chair and is extremely easy to use. It holds Kaylee securely and allows her to sit at the table with us when we're out. And its machine washable too! No we can go anywhere together and eat where ever we want without having to check out the family facilities!!

The only down side I have found to it so far, is my remembering to pack it before we travel anywhere!! I highly recommend getting one of these for your little one, or if you know someone who is expecting then why not get them this as a gift, it will certainly be very much appreciated!

We got the 'chocolate circle' print variety, which is only £18.46 at Amazon.

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