Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Snow, Snow and More Snow!!

As everyone who lives in the UK will be aware, we have had rather a lot of snow over the past couple of weeks and its been causing no end of problems for us here in Scotland. Yesterday the majority of Scotland's motorways were closed as a result of the weather, as where most of our airports!

The cold, wintry weather reminds me so much of the time in spent in Finland on my Nursing placement at Satakunta University and Hospital in Pori. When I arrived in Pori (on January 3rd) it was -17 degrees and there was at least 1m snow everywhere. But, regardless of the weather the plane landed safely, the trains where running, road where opened and schools continued to function!! We are so unprepared for the bad weather here in the UK, and I will admit that I am not venturing out with a 5 month baby in this weather on my own!

Pori was such a beautiful place and I really wish I had spent more time sightseeing and taking photos. Its where I first discovered a love for Ice Hockey, popping into the local rink on Sunday mornings to watch the junior games! They had some very talented kids out there! And I will never forget just how amazing it was to go ice skating on and outdoor rink in the snow! Hopefully someday I will make it back over for a visit!

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