Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Importance of Voting

Today is May 6th... today in the UK we all have the chance to have our say in who should be in control of running our country on our behalf. Now I'm not going to tell you who I plan to vote for today or how you should cast your vote. Instead I really want to remind people just how important it is to use your vote and be counted.

I've heard people say that the importance of voting pre-supposes that there is a party worth voting for, well there are many parties standing for election in the UK today and each one has their own political agenda. Be a smart voter and research each parties manifesto for yourself, vote for what you believe are the most important issues for you and your circumstances. Don't vote for any one party because you like the look of their leader, or its your favourite colour. People died to give us the right to democracy and the freedom to vote. As a woman I find it particularly important to have my say in political matters, after all it was only in 1918 that we were granted this right. There are many countries out there where people do not enjoy the rights and freedoms that we do here in the UK, we should be grateful for having the chance to voice our opinion and to bring about political change!

So I guess I'll see you all at the polling station! Its your vote - use it!

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