Thursday, 5 November 2009

Super Secret Craft Project - Part 1. Claire & Pauls Wedding Gift

Sometimes I have to work on craft projects in secret for peoples birthdays, weddings, babys etc... Recently I've been learning to crochet again (my Mum had taught me when I was little, but I'd not done any crochet work in so long that I really needed to refresh my skills) and I've got a few books on Amiguri (Japanese Crochet'd Creatures/Animals), in one of them was a pattern for a Skeleton Bride & Groom which were highly appropriate for Claire & Paul. I actually found them very easy to make and was very happy with the result. I made an oval base using some Pink Skull Lace Fabric that I picked up in America, hand embroidered a little banner which I had sewn onto the base and there you have it.

Meet Mr & Mrs Skeleton-Smith!

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