Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Robin Cushions - Embroidery & Patchwork

A while ago I asked Claire (Design by Claire) to embroider me two of her little top hat wearing robins with the aim of eventually making them into patchwork cushions. This week I decided it was time to complete that particular craft project. I stumbled at the first hurdle as I discoverd my sewing machine is now missing a part, the foot had gone AWOL since the house move and I fear that it maybe lost in the boot of someone's car or van!! So i decided that my only option was to hand-sew these little cushions. I think (if I remeber what my Mum taught me about patchwork - there was no craft that this woman was capable of mastering!!) the pattern I've used is called 'log cabin'. Fabrics used are a red floral print cotton bought from my local fabric shop and a blue and white print fabric off-cut that I got in Ikea a number of years ago. So, one cushion is finished and the other is on progress. They are going to sit on my bed to complement the big purple cushions I made last year.

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